January 4, 1990: Manuel Noriega arraigned on charges at the Miami Federal Courthouse

In today's episode of This Day in Miami History, we break format a bit. A momentous event in the history of the United States is taking place in Miami today, as former President Donald J. Trump is being arraigned on federal charges. We use today’s occasion to draw parallels to the past, when on January 4, 1990, former Panamanian “Maximum Leader” Manuel Noriega was arraigned on federal charges after he was captured and arrested during Operation Just Cause in 1990.Read more
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Matthew Bunch

Your humble host, Matthew Bunch, is a transplant to Miami-Dade County from Baltimore. A public-school teacher with a passion for social sciences, I have been fascinated with the history of the region since the day he settled in the 305. A podcast that seeks to tell Miami's story to a bit wider seems a natural conclusion for my interests. I hope it fits in well with yours, too.